We have received certifications for all of our Tilapia facilities, from feedmill to processing. The World-class certifiers has become the witness of our sustainable operation:


ASC and ASC-Chain of Custody: The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) program promotes industry best practice to minimize the environmental and social footprint of commercial aquaculture.
BRC: The BRC food safety standard is designed to provide the basis for certification for food manufacturers who implement good manufacturing practices and have supporting quality management systems.
BAP:  The Best Aquaculture Practices program is an international certification system that verifies environmentally and socially responsible processes under which seafood are produced. Seafood facilities that participate in BAP certification apply standardized best management practices in every phase of their operations
ISO 9001:2008: Companies have used certification as a method of controlling company’s quality. The Standard provides a framework to manage business and ensure a philosophy of continual improvement in all aspects of company’s business
OU-Kosher : The Kosher crtification confirms that our product meet the requirement restriction of Jewish Law


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