“Our fish are grown naturally in the floating cage in Lake Toba”
PT Suri Tani Pemuka, is a 100% fully integrated aquaculture company. We are very passionate
to impress every demanding people with our Tilapia from Lake Toba and set a new standard of a Premium Tilapia should be.
Our Tilapias are fed with feed from our own feedmill, a Global GAP certified feedmill. We determine the best nutrient-balance and control each
of ingredients in producing our Tilapia feed. It is formulated to promote healthy Tilapia, and zero % fishmeal in feeding. Our customers can rely on us in which will only get a pure pristine taste of Tilapia meat, without any other contaminants.
We grow our fish by ourselves and all fish are processed and exported by ourselves. All our systems is fully traceable from A to Z, from the nutrition intake of the fish, farm operations that is environmentally sustainable and responsible, transporting the fish to the processing facility, and to making sure the fish is fresh when it gets to our customers. This integrated aquaculture system makes it possible for us to be in control of every step and make sure we leave a track record of environmental sensitivity and aquaculture best practices.
Our Tilapias are growing in floating cages in Lake Toba. With these floating cages, our fish are grown naturally, as they would be in the free environment. The water current of Lake Toba also determines the quality of Tilapia meat. You will only get the best taste and texture of Tilapia’s meat in the world.

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